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Ghosts of the Haunted Midget Mansion

The story of midget mansion has been around for many years. While the location is the same, the stories differ a bit. Midget Mansion is located off of Fredericksburg Rd on Donore Rd. The property is fenced off and the gate is locked up but people can see up the long, eerie looking driveway. Rumors also state that satanic rituals are performed on the property.

Midget Mansion Ghost Story

The most commonly told story of the haunted midget mansion, referred to as just "midget mansion", begins back in the early 1920's when the house was first built. The house was constructed and owned by a retired Navy ship Captain who had been based in Galveston during his final years in the Navy. He fell in love with the San Antonio area and bought the piece of land on Donore prior to his retirement. He built a supposedly beautiful house on the hilly property and lived there with his wife for a short time. It's not clear whether he died there or sold the house but it is known that he and his wife were only there for a brief period of time. The house and property were sold to a couple with two daughters. Both of the parents were midgets but their daughters were normal size. The father was a very successful businessman and made many improvements to the property including a new pool and servants quarters for their extensive staff of household help.

The family enjoyed the house for a couple of years until one horrific and fateful evening. For some reason no one will ever know, the midget father went berserk and attacked his entire family with a knife, cutting their throats and dragging them, one by one into an upstairs closet where he left them behind a thick sealed door. After he murdered his family, the midget father ended his own life with a gun. Evidently, the family members in the closet were not dead after being stuffed into the small space. When authorities discovered their bodies several days later, they also found that notes written in blood were on the walls along with marks from where they had scratched the walls trying to escape.

A derivative of this story states that the family members were all of normal size and it was two of their servants who were midgets. The midget servants evidently plotted and attacked the family stuffing them into the same closet where they were left to die. They then killed each other in a dispute over the money they planned to steal. Subsequent owners of the haunted mansion claimed to hear moaning from the closet and scratching on the walls. The house remained vacant until a mysterious fire destroyed it and burned it to the ground. The property supposedly still has the servants quarters. The swimming pool was filled in years ago after the fire but the property is still said to be haunted by the midget servants and the family they killed.