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Terrell Hills Ghost

San Antonio is full of ghost stories but this particular story is being written for the first time. It comes from a family that bought a Terrell Hills house under odd circumstances. The story leading up to the ghost and haunting is verifiably true. The story of the ghost is known only to the homeowner and was shared with us.

San Antonio Ghost Story in 78209

Many years ago, Dr. Ross and his wife Gladys lived in a two story house in the 100 block of Canterbury Hill after moving here from Ohio. Dr. Ross absolutely loved this house and considered it his greatest possession. Dr. Ross had a nice reputation in the San Antonio medical community and he enjoyed investing in the stock market. In fact, he invested very heavily in the stock market through a San Antonio stockbroker. His luck had run a good course until the market went south and he lost an enormous amount of money. Evidently, he lost thousands upon thousands of dollars causing him a great deal of stress and making him the butt of many jokes among local doctors and social insiders. He supposedly had people calling him a "dumb yankee" and "misfit" which angered him greatly. Dr. Ross was getting fed up with people making fun of him and taunting him. His stockbroker assured him the market would turn and Dr. Ross would recover his losses.

Dr. Ross finally reached the end of his rope and cracked. One Sunday morning, he got up early and dressed in his Church clothes as if going to the early service alone. He loaded his revolver, tucked it in his pants and kissed his wife before leaving his Terrell Hills home. Gladys Ross suspected nothing as he pulled out of the driveway and headed down Canterbury Hill. A short while later, Dr. Ross was parked out front of his stockbrokers home waiting for the family to leave for Church. As they came out of the house to get in the car, Dr. Ross shot his stockbroker and his family leaving only one surviving child.

Dr. Ross was sent to prison in Rusk for the bulk of his life and was released in his old age. The current owners bought the house from Dr. Ross and Gladys. Gladys had Alzheimer's and still lived in the house with her sister Corrine, who cared for her. Corrine represented her sister and Dr. Ross represented himself. Shortly after the purchase was complete, Corrine and Gladys moved back to Ohio and Dr. Ross passed away in La Grange.

After the death of Dr. Ross, strange things started to happen in the Terrell Hills home. Lights would come on by themselves, doors would open and close and the sound of footsteps could be heard throughout the house. These occurrences are more frequent around the anniversary of Dr. Ross' shooting of his stockbrokers family. The ghost of Dr. Ross supposedly still lives in his beloved Terrell Hills home and the owners think of him as a friendly ghost who just wants to quietly share his prized possession with them. It's not necessarily a haunted house, it just has a friendly supernatural presence.