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San Antonio Visitors and residents alike enjoy the charm and culture of the Alamo City. Our warm people, enjoyable setting and cultural flair make for a wonderful place to visit as well as a comfortable place to live. These is no shortage of sights, attractions and things to do in San Antonio. Our city is home to numerous shopping and entertainment venues as well as some of the best restaurants and dining in the world.

Information San Antonio is a website dedicated to sharing this beautiful and historic city with visitors, from the point of view of locals. We live and work in San Antonio and can attest to its enjoyable atmosphere. From the Riverwalk and Alamo downtown to the rugged Hill Country, San Antonio Texas is truly a remarkable and unique city to be enjoyed by visitors and residents alike.

Stinson Airport

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Stinson Airport is the second oldest continuously operated airport in the United States. It is the general aviation traffic overflow airport for the San Antonio International Airport. Located on the south side of San Antonio, Stinson Airport is just north of the new Toyota plant and just south of downtown. This airport is ideal for general aviation aircraft and private pilots seeking less crowded airport traffic. The Air Force uses Stinson for pilot training with Air Force trainers using the runway for touch and go practice throughout the day. Stinson is said to be the birthplace of military aviation. The airport is named for the Stinson family, who founded the airport in the early 1900's. The Stinson family members were all pilots and the Airport is aptly named after them. Many people believe the name is in honor of the Stinson airplane but in fact, this San Antonio airport is named for a flying family of pilots. Stinson is also the home of the Texas Air Museum.

Stinson Airport Services

The aircraft and flight services at Stinson are quite extensive for a small municipal airport. Being in a large metropolitan area with airspace bordering the San Antonio International Airport traffic patterns gives Stinson based student pilots an opportunity to experience flying in a more complex aviation environment. Stinson also has a good restaurant in the terminal for grabbing a quick meal while fueling up.

Check-Six Aviation - Hangar 1
Full Service FBO, Aircraft Fueling, Aircraft Rental, Flight Instruction
(210) 932-4359

San Antonio Piper (San Antonio Aviation) - Hangars 2 and 3
FBO, Aircraft Maintenance, Aircraft Fueling, Plane Storage, Avionics Repair
(210) 922-1212

Stinson Aviation Corporation - Hangar 8
Aircraft Storage, Plane Hangars
(210) 325-3165

U.S. Helicopters
Helicopter Charters
(210) 922-9761

Air Methods - Hangar 4
Helicopter Medical Transport
(210) 378-9366

Flight Schools

Check Six Aviation - (210) 932-4359
Flight training on the Diamond aircraft.

Sky Safety - (210) 220-1934
Helicopter flight training and fixed wing flight instruction

Stinson Rental Car Companies

Hertz - (210) 924-8547 or (210) 924-8553 (after hours)