San Antonio Travel and living guide

San Antonio Visitors and residents alike enjoy the charm and culture of the Alamo City. Our warm people, enjoyable setting and cultural flair make for a wonderful place to visit as well as a comfortable place to live. These is no shortage of sights, attractions and things to do in San Antonio. Our city is home to numerous shopping and entertainment venues as well as some of the best restaurants and dining in the world.

Information San Antonio is a website dedicated to sharing this beautiful and historic city with visitors, from the point of view of locals. We live and work in San Antonio and can attest to its enjoyable atmosphere. From the Riverwalk and Alamo downtown to the rugged Hill Country, San Antonio Texas is truly a remarkable and unique city to be enjoyed by visitors and residents alike.

Alamo Heights

Alamo Heights is well known for its beauty and charm and is also known for its affluent residents. Alamo Heights homeowners and residents, regarded as "09'ers" due to the 78209 zip code encompassing the city, are part of a small town surrounded by the big city of San Antonio. The Alamo Heights area, consisting of Olmos Park and Terrell Hills is widely regarded as one of the most affluent and influential parts of Texas.

Alamo Heights Homes

The homes here are beautiful and command a high price per square foot. Even the smaller cottage type homes often represent a $250,000 investment. Alamo Heights is bordered by Terrell Hills to the east and Olmos Park to the west. The streets in Alamo Heights are lined with beautiful, mature oak trees creating a canopy for many area streets. Many of the homes are on enormous lots representing millions of dollars in real estate while even smaller lots and homes are prime residential realty. The centralized location of Alamo Heights and its notable environment make it residential choice for homeowners. According to the Express-News, Alamo Heights real estate had the highest gain in price during 2006. Prices rose 22% for the year making this community a hot commodity.

Alamo Heights School District

Recognized as one of the finest school districts in San Antonio (and Texas), the Alamo Heights School District has long been a reason for people moving to the area just so their children can attend the schools. AHISD has an early childhood center (Howard), two elementary schools (Woodridge and Cambridge), Alamo Heights Junior School and Alamo Heights High School. The annual school performance reports for the district reflect the high standards that the schools have for students. Importantly, the community and parental involvement plays a huge role in the success of Alamo Heights students. An interesting fact about Alamo Heights Schools is that part of the movie "Johnny B. Goode" was filmed in the Alamo Heights High School football stadium.

Alamo Heights is a great place to live. The residents of this society are friendly, hospitable and philanthropic. The homes are well-cared for and frequently upgraded while the school district exemplifies educational excellence making Alamo Heights an admirable San Antonio neighborhood and desirable place of residence.