San Antonio Travel and living guide

San Antonio Visitors and residents alike enjoy the charm and culture of the Alamo City. Our warm people, enjoyable setting and cultural flair make for a wonderful place to visit as well as a comfortable place to live. These is no shortage of sights, attractions and things to do in San Antonio. Our city is home to numerous shopping and entertainment venues as well as some of the best restaurants and dining in the world.

Information San Antonio is a website dedicated to sharing this beautiful and historic city with visitors, from the point of view of locals. We live and work in San Antonio and can attest to its enjoyable atmosphere. From the Riverwalk and Alamo downtown to the rugged Hill Country, San Antonio Texas is truly a remarkable and unique city to be enjoyed by visitors and residents alike.

San Antonio Condominiums

Condominiums in San Antonio range from townhome like condos to high rise condominiums. The newest construction and building fad in San Antonio is centered around high rise developments in the downtown and bordering areas. With the San Antonio skyline, it's no wonder these are filling up fast. Other condominiums in the San Antonio area are less of the busy fastlane and more of the simple quiet condo enjoyment.

San Antonio High Rise Condominiums

San Antonio has several high rise condos and apartments in the area and they seem to be on the upscale side. I've never lived in a high rise condo or apartment so I'm not exactly sure what you need to look for. I'm not even sure if there are things that are pertinent to high rise living that one would look for when reviewing a high rise condo. But based on my experiences, although few, I can say there are some really cool high rise condos in San Antonio. The bulk of new high-rise condominium construction projects are in the downtown area. There are also some projects in the Alamo Heights area that won't be as tall as the downtown high rises but promise to be the lap of luxury and location. One of the more intersting condo projects sits atop the Grand Hyatt Hotel in downtown San Antonio. The lower levels of the Hyatt are hotel rooms and the top stories are luxury condominiums. Another project in the downtown area is the Vidorra which is just outside downtown near St. Paul's Square. San Antonio's downtown high-rise condominium construction is definitely on the rise. This is a fairly new trend in San Antonio as residents are starting to gravitate towards the downtown San Antonio lifestyle.

Other San Antonio Condominiums

it's outside the scope of this website to list each and every condominium found in San Antonio. However based on your job location or preference for living atmosphere, we can guarantee you'll find what you're looking for in condominiums anywhere in San Antonio. For instance the medical center in northwest San Antonio has an abundance of condominiums surrounding the medical center complex. Residents can find condominiums downtown, and Southtown, around the airport, in Alamo Heights, or around the UTSA. There is no shortage of condos in the Alamo city but you've just got to spend some time looking for them if you're going to find what you want. We suggest contacting a San Antonio realtor on the side of town you want to live to help in your search for a condo. Condominium prices in San Antonio are primarily based on the condominiums location. While you can find condominiums in the suburbs that are reasonable and larger, condominiums on the Riverwalk or downtown are generally going to be higher in price.